Installation of "artifacts" found in the Back Bay Fens. Each unfired terra-cotta idol holds within it a message leading the viewer to a journal detailing the life of a looter who happened upon them just as the viewer has now. In order to discover this message, the viewer must assume the role of the looter and steal the idol from its site, and then in classic looter fashion be careless enough to break it open in order to discover the message within.

Film still from "Rituals" chronicling the lost civilization that the looter discovers. Shot between Prospect Park, Brooklyn and Back Bay Fens, Boston. Live action in handmade paper costume.

Detail of creature from "Rituals".

Installation of "Rituals" with observing costume. Handmade paper, watercolor, projection, sound.

Detail of installation of "Rituals".

Page of looter's journal, "Expedition Notes".